Research at Spaulding focuses on several areas of Rehabilitative Medicine including: Traumatic Brain Injury, Aging, Cardiovascular, Integrative Medicine, Motion Analysis, Muscle Cell Physiology, Robotic Therapy, Spinal Cord Injury, and Stroke. These endeavors enhance Spaulding’s treatment programs, with clinical research results often quickly finding their way to the bedside.         

Head Xray

Traumatic Brain Injury

Spaulding is currently conducting research studies on TBI. The studies aim to effect and potentially improve the cognitive, behavioral, and functional symptoms that are common in individuals who have sustained a TBI.



Prolotherapy is a treatment technique that involves the injection of growth factors or growth factor production stimulants to promote growth and repair of normal cells and tissue; this has the potential to reverse degenerative changes.


Motion Analysis

Spaulding's Motion Analysis Laboratory combines laboratory and field assessments to enhance mobility.

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I would like to thank Dr, Frankel and the 6th floor staff for all you have done for me while at Spaulding. Since my return in Israel, I am doing fine. I am sure the foundations of my fast recovery have been laid at Spaulding, and am very grateful for what you and your staff have done during my stay.

Edna G.

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