Research at Spaulding focuses on several areas of Rehabilitative Medicine including: Traumatic Brain Injury, Aging, Cardiovascular, Integrative Medicine, Motion Analysis, Muscle Cell Physiology, Robotic Therapy, Spinal Cord Injury, and Stroke. These endeavors enhance Spaulding’s treatment programs, with clinical research results often quickly finding their way to the bedside.         


eLegs: Robotic Technology

A new breakthrough technology created by Berkeley Bionics called “eLEGS,” a wearable robotic exoskeleton, is enabling those paralyzed to stand and walk as part of an investigational study at Spaulding.


Cardiovascular Research Laboratory

The Cardiovascular Research Laboratory has, as one focus, the study of changes in cardiovascular function associated with healthy aging and age related diseases.


Cerebral Palsy

Spaulding's Motion Analysis Laboratory, overseen by Dr. Paolo Bonato, has delved into a breakthrough project with the help of Dr. Donna Nimec. The project involves robotic gait training in children with Cerebral Palsy and is being supported by the UCP Research and Educational Foundation. Spaulding,...


Burn Survivors

Dr. Schneider is conducting a study examining the effects of a large-scale fire on the survivor population.


Assistive Technologies - Brain-Computer Interfaces

Dr. Hochberg studies are recruiting people with spinal cord injury, brainstem stroke, muscular dystrophy, and ALS.

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