Spaulding’s physicians offer six major inpatient programs in rehabilitation. Each program is interdisciplinary, bringing the skills of a team of rehabilitation specialists to bear on the unique needs of each patient.


Spinal Cord Injury Program

The Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Rehabilitation Program provides a safe, structured, caring environment aimed at maximizing recovery from spinal cord injuries whether the result of traumatic injury, or as the result of illness such as polio, spina bifida, or Friedreich's Ataxia.


Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Spaulding's Stroke/Neurology Rehabilitation Program provides comprehensive rehabilitation and medical management for individuals who have had a stroke or for those with neurodegenerative diseases. The program aims to provide the highest quality stroke rehabilitation care possible, to educate stroke...

The Amputee and Vascular Disease Program

The Amputee and Vascular Disease Program

The Amputee and Vascular Disease Program treats patients as they recover from the loss of a limb and attendant consequences. Rehabilitation care is also provided to patients with vascular disease or after surgery, including bypass grafts or aortic aneurysm repair.

Interventional Spine Program

Interventional Spine Program

The Spine Intervention Program features a collaboration of seven physiatrists who offer expertise in the area of conservative care for spine disorders.

Disorders of Consciousness Program

Disorders of Consciousness Program

The Spaulding Rehabilitation Network Disorders of Consciousness (DOC) Program provides a continuum of care specifically designed for individuals with severe acquired brain injury who have yet to regain the ability to follow instructions, communicate reliably or perform basic self-care...

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Thank you all from the wonderful care you've given out mom. She was always in the best of hands! We appreciate all you've done.

The D. Family

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