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Boston RISE is a study for adults 65 years of age and older who have mobility issues affecting their daily activities  around the home and in the community.  Research Dr. Jonathan Bean intends to learn what physical problems (like weakness and poor balance) are most connected to changes in being able to move around and do daily activities.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital is conducting a clinical research study called “Boston RISE” (Rehabilitative Impairment Study of the Elderly).  The researchers have received a grant from the National Institute on Aging to evaluate modifiable risk factors for decline in mobility skills and disability among older adults. Rehabilitative impairments represent physical limitations, such as weakness, poor balance, and slowed reaction time, that can be corrected through rehabilitative care.  The purpose of the study is to better understand what patterns of rehabilitative impairments are most responsible for mobility decline and disability. We will be recruiting 420 primary care patients 65 years and older and follow them for 2 years.  Each qualified participant will complete a 2-visit evaluation at baseline, which will include a detailed history and physical examination, cognitive testing, self-report questionnaires, assessment of physical performance, and rehabilitative impairment testing.  Follow-up examinations will occur over similar paired visits at 12 and 24 months.  The results of this study will hopefully lead to a future study evaluating the benefits of rehabilitative care as a means of disability prevention. Collaborators on this study include researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston University, UMASS Boston, and the Institute for Community Health.

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