Harvard Affiliation

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, providing clinical experience as well as a number of other fellowships for students of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospitals’ department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to ensuring that Harvard Medical School students have a positive educational experience and achieve their objectives.

Harvard courses taught by Spaulding physicians include:

Publishing Books, Memoirs and Other Creative Nonfiction
Julie Silver, MD

Publishing outside of traditional academic venues requires training and expertise. This course is designed to provide physicians, psychologists, and other medical professionals with the tools they need to publish professional and trade books.  Participants will learn the necessary steps to take to publish serious non-fiction outside of the traditional academic peer-reviewed journals.  Writing and publishing professional and trade books affords health professionals the opportunity to educate healthcare professionals and the public about important concepts in medicine.

Introduction to Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Darren Rosenberg, DO. 
Osteopathic manipulative treatment provides an alternative diagnostic and therapeutic tool for the physician. Learning osteopathic manipulative techniques allows for a more accurate diagnosis and provides an additional form of treatment. Osteopathic manipulation is used to diagnose and treat most musculoskeletal conditions. This course introduces clinicians to the field of osteopathic medicine and teaches them skills in multiple hands-on workshops.

Active Doctors, Active Patients
Edward Phillips, MD
Students participated in a multi-day exercise-centered course providing physicians with the tools necessary to assess and prescribe exercise to their patients. Faculty from Harvard Medical School presented state-of-the-science lectures on physical activity, nutrition, stress management and coaching psychology, while world class fitness and wellness practitioners offered a range of hands-on activities such as yoga, group exercise classes, resistance training and personal fitness assessments to conference attendees.

Lifestyle Medicine: Prescribing Exercise
Dr. Edward Phillips and Dr. Elizabeth Frates
This course educated physicians on the need and benefits of prescribing exercise to their patients. The course trained physicians on how to advise their patients on incorporating exercise into their routines.

Structural Acupuncture for Physicians
Joseph Audette, MD
Spanning 9 months, this course provided practical, hands-on training in acupuncture. The training program is designed to bring together Eastern and Western views of health and disease into a result-oriented acupuncture style.

Sex, Gender, and Pain: Dilemmas in Clinical Practice
Allison Bailey, MD

Students in this course discussed painful musculoskeletal conditions that occur more frequently in women. An understanding of the neurohormonal and structural factors influencing pain modulation is vital to this gender group. Identification of common diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas occurring in this patient population took place in the course.



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