Chronic Pain: Functional Restoration Program


Spaulding Outpatient Center Medford provides coordinated interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation emphasizing functional improvement for patients with chronic pain.  Treatment integrates medical, psychosocial, physical and occupational therapies that emphasizes education, exercise as well as cognitive behavioral approaches to pain management.  Our objective is to help people improve function, better manage pain and improve quality of life.

The Team
Physiatry – our team of physicians with sub-specialization in Pain Medicine oversees overall patient care and provides disease specific patient education, medication consultations and procedural interventions.
Melissa Colbert, MD Medical Director
Gary Polykoff, MD

Physical Therapy – designs individualized quota based exercise programs to regain strength, flexibility, core conditioning, and enhance aerobic capacity as well as endurance while utilizing pain management tools.
 Jennifer Jackson, MS PT 
 Dianne Kohlhofer, PT
 Sheryl Lawrence, BA, PTA, Expressive Therapist
 Fay Maneii, DPT

Occupational Therapy – utilizes patient education, biofeedback assisted movement retraining, and self management training in order to help patients resume self-care, home, work, avocational and community based activities without increasing pain.
 Rick Frank, OTR/L, Kripalu Yoga Teacher
 Eve Kennedy-Spaien, OTR/L, Certified Ergonomic Specialist
Deborah Rochman, MS OTR/L
Katie Johnson, MS OTR/L

Behavioral Health– provides supportive counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, mind-body training to help patients recognize and manage the interrelation between pain and psychosocial stressors.
Sarah Gray, Psy.D 
Eric Leskowitz, MD
Terry Sirois, LICSW

Bridget Chin, MD, MA

Nutrition – Provides individualized and group based training on the impact of food choices on inflammation and pain as well as counsels patients on weigh management and disease specific interventions.
Alice Richer, RD, MBA

The Process
All patients receive a comprehensive interdisciplinary (MD, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy) evaluation.  A treatment plan is then formulated to address mutually agreed upon goals, such as:
• Increasing tolerance for daily activities
• Improving sleep, mood, and cognitive functioning
• Rebuilding family and social support systems
• Resuming work and family roles as appropriate
• Managing pain through a variety of non-medication approaches
Clinical Resources
After-therapy Program: allows patients who have graduated from the Functional Restoration Program  to continue  to use the facility for an independent exercise program.
Brace Clinic: provides a multidisciplinary assessment of bracing needs, and fits patients for prefabricated and custom-made braces and orthotics.
Integrative/Holistic Medicine Services: consist of complementary services such as Reiki, therapeutic massage, energy psychology if recommended by your treatment team.
Nutrition Counseling: offered by an experienced nutritionist to help with weight management and to provide disease specific dietary interventions.
Work Hardening Program: to assist with transition from Functional Restoration Program back to work when appropriate.
Certified Ergonomic Consulting: to help with work station adjustment and achieve optimal ergonomic set up.


101 Main Street, Suite 101
Medford, MA 02155
Phone:  (781) 391-7518
Fax:  (781) 391-1030
Hours:  Monday and Wednesday: 7:30 am - 6:30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm 


I would like to thank Dr, Frankel and the 6th floor staff for all you have done for me while at Spaulding. Since my return in Israel, I am doing fine. I am sure the foundations of my fast recovery have been laid at Spaulding, and am very grateful for what you and your staff have done during my stay.

Edna G.

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