Jonathan F. Bean, MD, MS, MPH

Jonathan Bean



Associate Professor

Medical Director Spaulding Outpatient Center Cambridge
Director, Research and Education, Partners Continuing Care
Director, Research Center for Lifelong Health and Fitness

Clinical and Research Interests:
Musculoskeletal Care, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Exercise Physiology

MD, State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 1989  
MS, Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Applied Anatomy & Physiology, 1998  
MPH, Harvard School of Public Health, 2007 
Tufts University School of Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 1993
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 1995.
Recertified 2004.

Research Activities:   The goal of my work is to develop a model of care that will prevent and ameliorate disability for older adults. This work is conducted within Spaulding's Center for Lifelong Health and Fitness. We have a successful track record of receiving grants for this work from both federal and private sources of funding. This work has identified modifiable impairment (risk factors) underlying functional decline and disability. Additionally, successful intervention programs and clinical demonstration projects have been conducted targeting improvement of mobility skills as well as fall and fall-related injury prevention. We are working closely with colleagues from primary care to develop new preventative care paradigms that will promote functional independence for older adults

Teaching Activities:   I am actively involved in leading the research training programs for the Department of PM&R at Harvard Medical School. I have a very successful track record of mentoring research trainees in the fields of Rehabilitation Science and Geriatric Rehabilitative Care, having been awarded a Mid-Career Training Award (K24-1K24HD070966-01) from the NIH.    

Clinical Activities:   In 1998, I established the PM&R consultation service at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged, providing clinical care throughout their care continuum. In 2004, I became the medical director at the Spaulding Cambridge Outpatient Center. I provide care in the following areas:  Musculoskeletal Care, Sports Medicine, Geriatric Rehabilitative Care and Exercise Physiology. 

Research & Publications:  
Li X, Forman DE, Kiely DK, Larose S, Hirschberg R, Frontera WR, Bean JF. Validity of an exercise test based on habitual gait speed in mobility-limited older adults. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2012 Feb; 93(2):344-50.

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Jonathan F. Bean is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) at Harvard Medical School. He serves as the Director of Research and Training for the Department of PM&R and Partners Continuing Care as well as Medical Director of the Spaulding Cambridge Outpatient Center. Dr. Bean also serves on the Editorial Board of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Governance Committee of the Association of Academic Physiatrists. In addition, he is the Liaison between the American Academy of PM&R and the American Geriatrics Society.

Dr. Bean is an internationally recognized expert in geriatric rehabilitative care as a result of his extensive experience in the conduct of clinical trials and the measurement of disablement outcomes. In 1998, he received the New Investigator Award from the American Academy of PM&R and in 2002, he was the first physiatrist to be awarded the Jahnigen Career Development Award for Surgical and Related Specialists from the American Geriatrics Society. With advanced training in exercise physiology and epidemiology, his work has focused primarily on mobility problems among older adults, addressing both risk factor reduction and disability prevention strategies. He has completed NIH-funded observational studies and clinical trials addressing all domains of disablement outcomes. Dr. Bean is deeply committed to the mentorship of trainees within geriatric rehabilitative research, having been awarded a Midcareer Investigator Award (K24) from the National Institute of Health. Within three of the last 10 years, his trainees have received best paper awards for their research from the Association of Academic Physiatrists.

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