Spaulding-Harvard SCI (SH-SCI) Model Systems Project

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Spaulding is one of 14 institutions selected by the National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) to participate in the SCI Model Systems Project. Model Systems sites demonstrate improved care, contribute to a national SCI database, foster SCI research, and provide SCI education.  Dr. Leslie Morse, DO, is the program director.

National Database

The heart of the SCI Model Systems Project is a national database that tracks information about injury, care, rehabilitation, and living with SCI.  Data is collected by Model System sites, including Spaulding. Data is gathered on people age 10 or older, beginning at the time of their SCI with follow-up questionnaires every 5 years. To learn more about the SCI Model Systems, please click here.

Spaulding and the people there gave me the courage, strength, and desire to get my life back. Now I can function and play with my girls and enjoy my husband. Thank you for giving me my life back.

A Patient with Newfound Courage

New Spaulding Hospital

Spaulding Honored Again

Spaulding is once again a top 6 hospital in the US News and World Reports Best Hospitals. Learn More

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