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Questions about PM&R department
For all questions about the PM&R department, including programs, research initiatives, and clinical practices, please call 617-952-5226.

Questions about Inpatient Rehabilitation
For all questions about hospital programs, admissions procedures, or to schedule an appointment or tour of the hospital, please call us at: 617-952-5332.

Questions about Outpatient Services
For general questions about Spaulding outpatient services, or for help in finding an outpatient center that's right for you, please call us at: 617-952-6220.

For Hearing Impaired
For all inquiries on inpatient programs and outpatient services, please contact us at:
(800) 439-2370 /TDD

Physician Referrals
Physicians should call 617-952-5350 to refer a patient.

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