Spaulding plays a key Role in Red Sox Foundation's New Home Base Program

Home Base Program

This past September, The Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH) announced the Home Base Program, a multifaceted initiative aimed at helping veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who are affected by PTSD and TBI. Spaulding led by Dr. Ross Zafonte and the Center for Integra

Championed by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, the Home Base Program will provide a unique convergence of treatment, education and research powered by the Red Sox Foundation’s significant promotional abilities. In addition to events like the Run to Home Base 10k at Fenway Park this May, there will be significant events at Fenway Park and commercials featuring players airing throughout the season to generate awareness for the program.
According to a 2008 RAND Corporation study, one in five service members in these combat theaters suffer from depression or stress disorders, including PTSD. In addition, nearly 20 percent of veterans of these modern wars have experienced concussions or other traumatic brain injuries during their tours of duty. In total, one-fourth of returning servicemen and servicewomen will have considerable difficulty adjusting to civilian life.

The Home Base Program’s clinic for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan will provide diagnostic, treatment and referral services through various community resources in cooperation with a wide array of programs provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The clinical program will offer a multidisciplinary approach to care and provide opportunities for veterans to participate in cutting-edge research protocols aimed at increasing understanding of PTSD, TBI and related disorders.

For more information about the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program, visit

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